Halloween - what can you re-use, and do you have candy?

Posted on October 24, 2012 by lessismo | 0 Comments

Let's avoid that "Oh h3ll, the kids need a Halloween costume for a party tonight, I have no idea what is in the dressup box, let's just dash to the 2dollar shop and buy a new one" process.

Or the "oops, no candy, better buy some at the corner store" approach. Unless your corner store is cheaper than ours.

Re-using what we have is good for our bank balance, our sanity and the planet (pick a reason that resonates for you).

So have a think about who needs a Halloween costume, and any practicalities involved (if there will be open flames, I heed the advice of the Edna in the Incredibles - 'No capes').

Have a dig around in the dressup box, wardrobe and storage tubs - what do you have that will do the trick. Little red riding hood cape paired with red leggings and a pair of plastic horns makes a fabulous little devil costume (learn from my fail - don't give a toddler a pitchfork, even a plastic one).

If you need anytying else, add it to the shopping list for a calm, considered shopping trip, rather than a last minute panic.

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