An idea for making Christmas gift wrapping easier and more fun

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A quick interruption to kitchen week – but I didn’t want to forget this in case it makes your Christmas gift planning easier too. Order now to avoid a Christmas rush.

This year I’ve bought a heap of calico draw string bags in large / small sizes.

They are cheaper than paper gift bags, and a lot easier than fighting with children and sticky tape.  And they can be re-used.

Should I get around to feeling crafty I may even help the kids decorate the bags with embroidery, screen printing, buttons, sequins or grubby thumbprints (my money is on the grubby thumb prints).

The best thing is that as soon as I buy a gift (and remember to take off the price) I can pop it in a bag, and draw the string closed, then tie it off through the hole in the gift tag.  No more trying to hide stuff until I have a wrapping bee, running out of selotape or generally getting in a tizzy.  I can even replace the string with a pretty ribbon for decoration.

Now all you need to do is remind Santa to buy some wrapping paper and you are done with gift wrap.


If you DO like gift wrap, I strongly suggest going with one “xmas” patterend roll that you use up as quickly as possible, and one plain versatile gold or silver roll that you use for the rest of the Xmas wrapping.  You can then keep the plain roll to finish up through the year – it is Christmasy with a red and green ribbon, but also fine for a little girl with a pink bow or for Granddad tied up with brown cord (or cable ties – you’ve been warned Dad).

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