Kitchen de-cluttering: What is on the bench

Posted on December 05, 2012 by Arlene Tenchavez | 0 Comments

My goal in December is to lead you on a lightening tour of the house just doing 2 or three days to make the place as liveable as possible before Christmas.


Over the last couple of days we’ve tidied up the obvious clutter in the bathroom and dealt with your cosmetics so you can look fabulous for Christmas functions.


Now we are heading on to the kitchen, and once again we will tackle the obvious clutter.

Don’t attempt to de-clutter the whole bench in one go if it is in a bad state – just define an area you can beat in the time available, and remember to START : SORT : SOLVE : SYSTEM : STOP.


I’ve got a pesky little box where all the things I don’t know where to put end up. I’ve got rid of the dried out play dough, and returned several toys to the kids room. A lot of junk mail went into the bin today, and I even remembered to water the Venus Fly Trap!


Christmas gift idea: I highly recommend Venus Fly Traps for kids with a blood thirty or curious disposition. They don’t need pruning, survive while you are on holiday just sitting in a cup of water, and eat the fruit flies around the fruit bowl.  They are available from most garden centres.

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