Living room de-cluttering: Find a space for the Christmas tree

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I was going to say for the Christmas tree or Menorah, but I think I’ve missed the boat on Chanukah. Sorry.


It is much more fun putting up the Christmas tree if you have a clear space to do it.


Before you drag in the tree (or drag the plastic one out of storage) figure out where you will put it, and declutter some space.


If you are going to plug in lights, figure out how and where to do that, and make sure that you can run any extension cords you need in such a way that they won’t zap anyone if the water in the base of the Christmas tree overflows (except possibly the cat who is attacking the ornaments).  Also make sure you can turn the lights off easily, especially if you need to water the tree.  It is a complete pain to have to crawl under the tree and attempt to get behind the TV cabinet with an extension lead AFTER you’ve put the tree up and decorated it. Clear the way now with a little de-cluttering and make putting up the tree much more fun.



If you are speedier on this whole Christmas thing than I am and already have the tree up, just use this time to:

a) turn off the lights and water the tree

b) declutter a large flat space so you have room to gift wrap.

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