Make a last list – what do you still need to get to be organised for Christmas?

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I find my stress levels drop when I at least have a list of what I’ve failed to do.


Do you need gifts? Sticky Tape? Christmas Crackers?


If you are cooking Christmas dinner, make a list of what you plan to cook, and what food and platters you need. Can you delegate a dish to anyone else? Many hands make light work.


Now figure out when you can make a raid on the shops to get what you still need.


I have to admit that my organization was my un-doing on Saturday night. I organized a babysitter, got dressed up, and showed up at a friends place for a 40th birthday party, only to discover that the party is a week away. When I looked closely at my diary I realised the note was to BUY the gift that day, not attend the party. Oh well, at least we got to go to the movies.

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