Avoid chocolate clutter–alternative ideas for Easter egg hunts

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It may be theoretically impossible to have too much chocolate, but it is also impossible to do enough exercise to work off all the calories.


Some alternative options:

- wrap strawberries, other mini fruits , mandarin segments or  dried fruit in tinfoil and hide them.

- use something longer lasting – we hid a slew of mini plastic dinosaurs when one of the kids was having a dinosaur phase.

- hide craft items (e.g. mini glue, pom poms etc) and have a craft session at the end.

- have a nature treasure hunt instead. Have them find and show you a spider, something left by a bird, a flower, the brightest coloured leaf…..


This way I hope I won’t end up with a fridge full of chocolate after Easter and be tempted to de-clutter it the delicious but fattening way. I hope I’m also teaching the kids some slightly more nutritious ways to enjoy Easter.


Yes, I AM the Ebenezer Scrooge of Easter.

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