Which items roam the house because they don’t have a home? Declutter some storage space and make them a home.

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Kim Carruthers | 0 Comments

I don’t have a proper desk, and all my business stuff was hanging around in a couple of very inelegant plastic tubs.  Today I bit the bullet and cleaned out the art and craft storage to make space for my projector, course notes, stamps and files – all the things that accumulate running a small business.


By practicing start sort solve system stop I’ve done the job without leaving a mess at the end. I labelled the donations bags and rubbish bags first with words and a shape, so even the little guy could help ‘put that in the bag with the triangle on it’. 

All the poster paints and stampers went to a bag for Day care – I will admit with the thought that the little guy can play with them there rather than making a mess at home. All the fabric paints have gone to school to a teacher who does screen printing with her class. Acrylics have gone to a friend who teaches kids art classes. And there was QUITE a bit of rubbish in there too.


Tomorrow (you see, I’ve stopped while I still have enthusiasm to do something more tomorrow) I’m going to unload the plastic tubs into their new homes – and put anything that is clutter straight in the rubbish/recycle/re-home/return/donate bags as I go along


Do you have a storage are which is storing clutter while other things that you do use simply roam without a home? Clean it out and make homes for the things you do use.

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