If your fridge is anything like mine, it definitely needs decluttering

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Let’s spend this week wiping out and decluttering the fridge shelf by shelf – by the end of the week we will have much more space in the fridge!


Now let’s not go crazy here – one shelf at a time is the way to stay motivated.

Don’t start with the top shelf – it is usually the place where the condiments lurk.

Start with the 2nd shelf down. It is easy and you don’t need to bend down!


First clear and wipe some bench space.

Only pull out the contents of one shelf -  just put everything from that shelf on the bench. Remember to shut the fridge door straight away.

Give the shelf a quick wipe over with a soapy cloth and leave it to soak while you go back and sort what is on the bench.


I found 3 jars of honey, so scraped them into the one with the oldest expiration date and recycled the jars.  Several unplanned science experiments went into the compost (and one was so nasty I just threw it in the bin in the plastic container).


Then I gave the shelf another wipe, and returned all the survivors to that shelf.

Easy, and nothing left over on the bench!

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