Declutter the kitchen cutlery drawer

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The big kid just gave the drawer a too-enthusiastic yank, and spread the contents of the cutlery drawer clear across the kitchen floor.

As a result we discovered that grandma’s cutlery drawer contained:

- A miniature garden spade ??? (I think used it as a child)

- Several plastic spoons (and forks)

- Some wooden skewers that had seen much better days

- Rather a lot of souvenir bottle openers

-A garden plant marker.


Fortunately none of the knives made contact with a foot as they rained down across the floor.


I suggest you do it in a more methodical way.

  • Open the drawer
  • Remove all the obvious rubbish and put it in the bin
  • Remove any plastics for re-cycling
  • Put anything to be put away or returned in a designated, labelled,  container
  • Put donations in the donation box


Then empty the rubbish and recycling, and figure out how to return the returns.  Put away the items that need to be re-homed, and put the donation box in the car or by the door if it is full.

Much easier!

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