End of holidays? don’t panic

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I don’t know if anyone else has just crawled in the door with dirty laundry, tired kids only to confront a pile of mail a mile high and  the aftermath of bachelor ocupation or a hasty depature, but I’m going to share the  joy anyway!


Every time I get back I promise myself I won’t try to fix it all in a rush, get overwhelmed and give up. I’m slowly coming up with some rules for myself to make the re-entry shock less severe.


i’m going to make it  a week long process to recover from the trip.


Day one jobs:

Put the dirty laundry in the wash. Packing all dirty laundry into a bag prior to departure makes it really easy to do this – just pull it out of the suitcase and dump it in the wash basket.

Unpack the carry on PROPERLY. This involves getting rid of all the unnecessary paper in the passport wallet (itineraries and car rental info) and putting the passports away very carefully having first checked their expiration dates.

No ‘almost unpacked suitcases left lying around, or bits strewn across the floor. Just one small bag or suitcase, done properly.


Go through the mail quickly and triage it – put the the envelopes and re-cycling in the junk mail, unfold the letters. That way I know there aren’t any nasty surprises in there. DON’T try to take action on anything (unless the phone is about to be cut off). Just do the first cull.

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