Recovering from the holidays–day two

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Yesterday we unpacked the hand luggage and sorted the mail.



Make a point of checking the answerphone – even if you think it was supposed to forward to your mobile.

Unpack another bag, all the way. Don’t leave things laying around – put absolutely everything away.

Take action on the two most important items of mail, don’t try to get through the whole pile. Make a note of what else needs to be done, and put the  list on the fridge. Put the mail away somewhere safe – don’t leave it on the coffee table as a reminder if the kids/dogs/others will spread it through the house.

If you have kids, do a quick check to make sure there are  no outstanding permission/excursion/absence notes. Doing this saved my bacon as I discovered there was an excursion the day after we returned.

Make a quick note against your packing list – what did you use, what didn’t you use, and what would you do differently next time?

If you stayed with someone, send them a card or email or give them a call to say ‘thank you’. Grandiose plans to send nice card shouldn’t stand in the way of saying a quick ‘thank you’ in the mean time – don’t let ‘best’ be the enemy of ‘good’.

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