This is exactly why you should give things away while they are still useable.

Posted on October 13, 2013 by Kim Carruthers | 0 Comments

I took the kids camping over the weekend. The big guy stayed home, and as it was just the three of us I grabbed our old backpacking tent out of the top of the wardrobe rather than lugging the big heavy car camping tent that we'd bought since having kids.

We'd kept the light weight tent in anticipation of the day that we'd actually be able to go hiking again, and this was going to be close enough.

I grabbed the kids from school the second the bell rang on Friday, and we made it in plenty of time to catch the 5pm ferry to the camp site.  I was confident I'd have PLENTY of time to pitch the tent and cook dinner for the us and the rest of the group before it got dark.

What I hadn't anticipated was pulling  the tent out of the bag to discover  that the elastic which holds the tent poles together in a nice strong arch was now a limp witherd bundle of string.

Apparently I didn't swear, but I certainly thought it.  Fortunately I was able to unscrew the ends, pull the string really tight and get the tent to arch up that way.  Putting the tent away afterwards required surgery of a more permanent nature.

So learn from my failure here, and don't expect anything with elastic to last 12 years (or even more than 5 years really ).  Whether it be clothes, camping equipment or anything else, assume that the elastic will perish and either hand the items on so they can be used in the mean time, or in the case of a tent, TEST the item before going bush.  We were lucky that it wasn't a criticial situation, but if we'd been out in a winter storm without a way to fix the tent it could have been a lot nastier.


Take a few moments this week to either:

a) decide if you use and need all your camping gear, or can share some via your local scout troop , freecycle, ebay or gum tree

b) think about what elasticised itemes in your wardrobe or drawers need to be given away before they perish.



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