Decluttering electrical cords

Posted on February 28, 2017 by Sue Ann Muller | 0 Comments

declutter electrical cords tangle tidying

Does this look familiar? A drawer, box or shelf full of unwanted, outdated and unused electrical cords. Think about it. How many times you have gone to the that drawer or shelf and actually needed one of those cords? 

Spend approximately 15-30 minutes on this task. Take out all the cords and have a look at them one by one. Do you still have the camera, printer, fax or phone that the cord belongs to? If not, it's easy decision. Into the bin! Alternatively check out Mobile Muster to find out your nearest drop off point to recycle old phones and phone cords.  

Think about how likely you are to need or want the other cords. If you do you still have the item, and feel you really may need to keep the cord, consider labelling it with a label maker or bagging them in ziplock bag with a label on the bag describing what the cord is for to avoid future confusion. 

Throw out the outdated. Label the cords you want to keep and return them. Enjoy all the space you have created.  It's a quick and easy win!




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