De-cluttering tool - Pandora's Box

Pandora’s box

Put everything you can’t quite bring yourself to throw away (but wish you would) in a box.

Put the box somewhere out of the way (in the garage, under the bed).

Label it with a date a month from today, and put that date in your diary.

If you need/want something in the box, go and get it out. That is ok. That is the purpose of the box.

After the month, get rid of it WITHOUT OPENEING THE BOX. Don’t make yourself decide twice.

But don’t just leave it to lurk in your garage – we need to de-clutter your house, not re-clutter your garage.


NOT Pandora’s box

Can someone PLEASE help me with a better name for this one.

It works well for situations where you have WAY too much of something. Jewelry, Linen and kitchen gadgets and bathroom lotions and potions come to mind.

Create a Not Pandora’s Box. For example, NOT PANDORA’S Jewelry box. Put a label on it with a date 1 month from today and keep it to hand. Put the date in your diary.

Every time you wear a piece of jewelry, put it in the NOT Pandora’s box.

Then when you hit that date, keep what is in the box, and get rid of all the rest (or at least make them beg to be spared).

If you haven’t used that gadget, earring or sheet in a month, will you REALLY use it this year?