At Less is More we see ourselves as a clutter preventors, not just a declutterers.

As well as helping you to de-clutter, we can teach you the skills to
- tackle other areas on your own if you want to,
- avoid clutter build up, and
- maintain a Less is More  home environment in future.

We can also help with clutter-proofing your children, so that cleaning out the toy box isn't an ongoing drama.

How we work:

Personal de-cluttering assistance

Initial phone or email consultation. What are your de-cluttering goals and priorities?

De-cluttering sessions - practical assistance to get rid of clutter and put in place systems to keep you clutter free. Most of our clients find weekly or fortnightly sessions of 2-3 hours a great way to get on top of the clutter initially. We then schedule maintenance visits as necessary.

We offer great discounts for purchasing 10 or 20 hour packs in advance. Call me now to discuss your needs

Remote mentoring

We offer ongoing email mentoring - you can sign up for our de-cluttering 'spot of the day' update and motivational email by entering your emaill address in the "" box on the right.


Moving - downsizing or just relocating

If you or a loved one needs help with moving we can assist from beginning to end.
- Pre-sale decluttering.
- Measuring and planning the layout of your new space.
- Helping you to decide what to take.
- Re-homing the rest.
- Packing, unpacking and settling in.
- Hourly or fixed priced rates.
Your move simplified by Less is More .


Amy worried that she'd never be able to move her family overseas with all the items she'd accumulated for her children, husband, pets and hobbies.

We assisted her with:

  • Intensive decluttering
  • Deciding what to take, store, sell and donate
  • eBaying items

We even tracked down the escaped cat and made sure he ended up in his new home.