How to

Less IS More is here to support you in your de-cluttering efforts no matter how you want to go about it.

  • Personal de-cluttering sessions really break the back of a clutter problem.
  • De-cluttering evening courses give you the skills to do the job on your own
  • The Daily De-Clutter via WordPress Blog and  Facebook newsfeed help personal clients to keep up the momentum between visits, help course graduates stay focused, and help everyone to get ahead of the clutter and to stop it from coming back.

I aim to give the information you need in the way you want it, whether it be personal sessions, courses, emails, blog posts, or Facebook feeds.  Do you want Twitter? Just shout (or should that be Tweet?)

Here are the top de-cluttering techniques we talk about in personal sessions, courses and the daily de-clutter:


Set a time limit


One in -> One out


Scrapbooks / Albums / Memorabilia

Best is the enemy of good


Specific jobs

Backup your gismos

How to stop junk mail



Motivational techniques

A kick in the right direction

I'm only going to look at it