Set a time limit

You've probably heard me go on and on about setting a time limit.

So often we don't start a job because it seems so overwhelming.

Or worse still, we start a job, pull the place apart, and don't get it put back to gether before we run out of time, leaving a demoralizing mess in the spot we attempted to make better.

Setting a timer does some wonderful things:

- it motivates you to start - "I can bear to do that for 10 minutes"

- it gives you permission to stop (even if the job is still a work in progress)

- it makes you stop while you still have the energy and motivation to do the follow-up (see the SOLVE part of the START : SORT : SOLVE : SYSTEM technique)

- you realise that you can find the few minutes you need in the day to deal with the clutter

Any timer will do although a good one does make things much easier. Don't put off de-cluttering until you have the perfect one. An egg timer works, so does the one on the stove (if you are working in the kitchen), on your mobile phone, or even an alarm clock.